Whiffer Sniffers™ May B. Minty Backpack Clip MIN 6


Whiffer Sniffers™ May B. Minty Backpack Clip MIN 6

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Product Description

She May B. Minty, bust she smells like chocolate too! Take her along to sweeten anything you may do!

  • Mint ice cream scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)
  • Perfectly packaged in a giftable clear container (Perfect for storing and displaying your collection)
  • Ready to clip onto a backpack, lunchbox, bag, and more!
  • Kids love collecting and trading Whiffer Sniffers with their friends!

Willy B. Chilly Cartoon Artwork


May is always tinkering with her ice cream machine, she’s been at it so long, she’s now known as the Ice Cream Queen. Mixing fresh fruits, candies & flavors; every new recipe is a hit with all the town’s ice cream cravers, but the flavor that makes everyone flip is her award-winning mint chocolate chip!

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