Nebulous Stars – Dreamcatchers (MIN 3)


Nebulous Stars – Dreamcatchers (MIN 3)

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Estimated Arrival Date: 31st March 2024

Product Description

Make 2 owl-shaped dreamcatchers! Their glow in the dark eyes will catch any nightmares while you’re asleep!

“¥ Nebulous Stars Dreamcatchers lets your create your own glow in the dark owl-shaped dreamcatcher
¥ÊDreamcatchers are there to catch all the bad dreams while you sleep
¥ÊKit includes 2 glow in the dark dreamcatcher bases, 2 colors of cotton thread, 28 feathers, 28 beads, 6 rhinestone stickers and jewelry glue
¥ Also includes color instructions and Petulia’s complete story
¥ÊRecommended for ages 8 and up”